Stay on Schedule with this Gantt Chart Template

We are nervous as heck taking on the process of building again! The best way to manage this is to plan, plan, plan! In order to do that I have created a Gantt chart for the entire build process using the online Gantt chart creator at Instagantt. Instagantt is easy to use. They have a 7 day free trial. So you can load this template and edit it to decide if it is worth paying $7 a month. I tried using a Zoho project and another Gantt chart editor, before I finally found Instagantt. I had to abandon those plans partially finished, because the tools were just to awkward to use. If you sign up for the free trial or a paid subscription this is how you can load my template:

If you just want to see my Gantt chart you can click on the link here. This version of my Gantt Chart is useful if you need something now. As I improve my Gantt Chart this link will update and you can get the latest version. If you sign up for Instagantt you will start with a blank Gantt chart. You can populate your Gantt chart using the one in the link from above as a template. By following the steps below.

  1. Click on the on my to the left sidebar
  2. Then click on the green “+” icon
  3. select “From template”. A new dialog box will open.
  4. Select “Copy from public snapshot” tab
  5. Paste the link above in to the dialog box.
  6. Select a new start date for your project and then create it.
  7. The software will take the information from my link above and create a new project on your account based!