Free Checklists to Avoid Subcontractor Disasters

Here is a set of subcontractor checklists. You will need to edit these for your project. To me one of the main keys for managing subcontractors is making sure you have a common set of expectations agreed to up front. One of the main things to consider is that a subcontractor not do work on top of some other sub’s defective work. One of the most important things a sub needs to agree to is to examine the previous subs work and ensure none of their work will have to be removed and completed wasting both materials and time. That is the first part of these checklists, to confirm the substrate is ready or to contact the “project manager” and since I plan on being the owner-builder that is me :).

I recommend attaching the appropriate checklist to the subcontractors request for a bid and to make them an addendum to any contract signed with the subcontractor as a standard determining when the work is complete.